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The 4 Categories for Every Fix and Flip Project

Each Saturday I ask my wife “What would like me to get done for you this weekend?”

Then she reads me her list, which is longer than my arm.

My next question for her is “Okay, what’s the most important thing on this list you want me to get done for you?”

I once heard that if everything is important, nothing is important.

This truth applies whether you’re getting your honey-do list done on the weekends, or when you’re fixing and flipping houses.

The best way to make sure the work at your property is done in the proper order of importance is to separate each phase of the rehab into four categories:

  1. The Interior

  2. The Exterior

  3. Mechanical Components

  4. Structural Components

The Interior

The inside of the house begins with demo, including removing anything you don’t want to keep. Next you’ll focus on rough carpentry, plumbing and electrical work. Flooring installation, cabinet and countertop installation, and lighting and plumbing fixtures follow this.

The Exterior

Outside, there usually isn’t much demo to be done, unless the house has siding that needs to be removed. Usually it’s just painting and general landscaping installation and cleanup. This of course can be done while work is being done inside the home.

Mechanical Components

The mechanical components of the home include the HVAC system, plumbing and electrical systems, and the hot water heater. Most HVAC techs, plumbers and electricians can work together inside and outside the home. We prefer to get these trades line up fast because in Arizona, and Wisconsin, there are extreme temperature swings. It’s no fun for anyone to be working when it’s uncomfortably hot or cold.

Structural Components

The roof, foundation and windows make up the structural components of the property. The trades you hire to upgrade or repair these items can typically be at the job site while other workers (painters, carpenters, etc.) are there too.

Check out this video at our central Phoenix project. In it we explain how work is being done outside (exterior paint) and inside (tile and cabinet installation).

In my next post I’m going to share our inexpensive secret for giving our homes a million dollar look.

You’ll also get to see the full before and after transformation video at our central Phoenix fix and flip.

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