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How to Rehab Your Fix and Flip Deal

I couldn’t believe it...

My friend Keith had just shared his blueprint for fixing and flipping a house with me.

It was so simple!

But, what he told me next made me almost fall out of my chair.

Keith had fixed and flipped over 1,200 houses in four years. Yet, he knew absolutely nothing about home remodeling.

As a matter of fact, he jokingly told me that he couldn’t even screw in a light bulb.

How could that be?

I wondered, is it possible that someone without ANY construction experience can really fix and flip a house?

After all, when you watch a house flipping show on reality TV the stars are always in the middle of the action with their paintbrushes and cordless drills.

That’s when Keith told me about Box 2 of his blueprint: Rehab your house.

Click below to watch the video to learn what he taught me that day:

You’ll find out why it’s actually BETTER if you don’t do any of the work at your property.

And, be sure to look for next week’s post.

I'll teach you about Box 3 of the blueprint and share you to sell your fix and flip for the highest possible price (and shortest possible time).

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