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The North Phoenix Cat Pee House: Before and After

When we purchased the cat pee house in north Phoenix back in July of this year from a wholesaler, Manny and I knew it would be different from any other fix and flip project we’d ever completed.

The rehab itself was fairly straightforward.

All of the normal stuff was done, like exterior/interior paint, new kitchen cabinets and countertops, flooring, lighting and plumbing fixtures. Both bathrooms got a facelift and the landscaping was cleaned up as well.

While the transformation was visually stunning, it could also be inhaled. And not just by anyone that stepped foot inside the home.

You see, the cat pee house got its name not just because the former owner had 40 cats living inside the property. We called it the cat pee house because the odor could be smelled more than 5 houses down in either direction.

My daughter said, “This house smells like cat poop and loneliness!” when she first went to see it.

Now, three months later, we call this the house that formerly smelled like cat pee. The neighborhood was overjoyed by our work. One resident even took the time to tape a thank you note to the front door.

This type of feedback is why we love fixing and flipping houses. Sure, it’s fun to make a profit, but it feels good to clean up neighborhoods too.

Check out the before and after video we did at the home…

Manny and I bought the house for $120,000 and have approximately $50,000 into the rehab. The house sold a few days ago for $232,000 (in the video I said $228,000). Needless to say, it was a fun project and we learned way more than we cared to know about cat pee remediation.

And even after the nice profit we earned Manny still swears he’ll never own a cat.

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