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How to Find and Analyze Your Fix and Flip Deal

Keith sat at his desk across from me and drew four boxes on a blank piece of paper.

This, he said, is how EVERY fix and flip business is built.

Keith continued to share his wisdom…

“Marty, it doesn’t matter if you fix and flip 1 house, or a thousand, just remember that all fix and flip businesses are made up of these four divisions, or boxes.”

Then, he slid the paper across his desk and showed it to me.

And last week, I shared this blueprint with you.

Within 90 days of seeing it, Manny and fixed and flipped our first house and net $16,000 in profit.

Even though we had NO…

Home remodeling experience or cash in our bank account.

I showed you, just how Keith showed me, there are four divisions, or “boxes” to every fix and flip business.

• Box 1: Find and analyze your deal • Box 2: Rehab your house • Box 3: Sell your house • Box 4: Find money for your deal

After Keith taught me about the four boxes, he briefly explained what must go on inside each one to make at least $15,000 in profit on a fix and flip deal in 90 days.

Would you like to know what he told me about Box 1, how to find and analyze your deal?

Here's the video:

I’ll reveal two secrets he shared with me that day…

These secrets will give you the confidence to find your first, or next, fix and flip deal in the next 30 days, or less.

Check Out Our Webinar This Week!

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