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The North Phoenix Cat Pee House: Part 1

After more than 12 years of fixing and flipping houses in Phoenix there isn’t much I haven’t seen.

Or smelled.

So when I got the call from one of our wholesalers about a “cat hoarder” house he had for us on the north side of the city, I was expecting an odor. Not a problem for me, I’ll just breathe through my mouth on the walkthrough I thought.

I parked about 5 houses away under a big tree. It was hot that day so I wanted to keep my truck in the shade. I closed my door, took one step toward the house and the smell hit me like a punch in the face. How on earth could the aroma drift that far?

According to our wholesaler, the former owner had about 40 cats living inside the home. Another neighbor told me it was more like 60.

Needless to say, we’d have our work cut out for us. Not only would the home need a complete cosmetic makeover, we’d have to figure out how to eradicate the odor as well.

In this video, Manny walks you through our plans to remodel the cat pee house, and shows you how our demo crew dealt with the smell.

We expect the rehab to take about 10-12 weeks and our budget is $50,000.

In my next post, check out our progress at this stinky property!

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