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The North Phoenix Cat Pee House: Part 2

cat pee house fireplace

In my last post I introduced you to our latest acquisition, which we call the cat pee house.

Located in north Phoenix, Manny and I purchased this property from a wholesaler. The former owner was cat hoarder, and was actually arrested for animal cruelty. And although I haven’t been able to find any of the news reports, I’m told it was a big story in this neighborhood.

Besides the cat pee smell, this is a fairly straightforward rehab for us. We’ll do the normal stuff like kitchen cabinets, paint, flooring and fixtures.

Unfortunately, it’s tough to do the cosmetic rehab with the smell still lingering. In this video Manny explains how we had to treat the house, and why we had to tear out the fireplace.

Even with the odor remediation we’re right on budget and schedule with the cat pee house rehab.

Check out my next post. We explain the extra steps required to get rid of the awful smell.

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