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The North Phoenix Cat Pee House: Part 3

A lot of fix and flip investors will tell you that they love the smell of cat pee, dog poop and spoiled food.

“Smells like money” they say.

But dog poop and spoiled food can be easily picked up and thrown away. Cat pee, on the other hand, well, it penetrates everything. The walls, brick, even the concrete slab. The risk to investors like us that take on projects like the cat pee house in north Phoenix is we start putting the house back together again without properly remediating the odor.

Can you imagine how costly it would be to paint the interior of the home and install all new flooring only to discover the smell still lingered? Where is it coming from and how do we get rid of it?

There would be no way to know for sure without tearing the house apart, again.

That’s why when we purchased this property from a wholesaler, who bought it from a cat hoarder; we knew we’d have to spare no expense eradicating the odor. And sometimes that means taking matters into your own hands to get the job done correctly.

Check out the video below. In it Manny and I kill two birds with one stone. We deliver the front door the house, which I found bargain hunting at Home Depot, and Manny treats the slab with a special product called OdoBan.

The next phase of construction here will be installing the tile, trim and doors. As an extra precaution we’ll also run an ozone machine in the house non-stop until we’re ready to list the house for sale.

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