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5 Inexpensive Items That Give Your Fix and Flip a Million Dollar Look

They call it the Happiest Place on Earth.

As I child, I loved going to Disneyland because of the rides. Each of them provided a unique experience. One minute I was a swashbuckling pirate sailing through the Caribbean, and another I was traveling at light speed through deep space.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t minutes between rides. More like hours. Those lines were terrible.

These days when I take my kids to Disneyland it’s a completely different experience. Sure, I still enjoy all the attractions. But my favorite part now is finding all the special touches Walt Disney added to his magical theme park.

Every flower, shrub and tree is perfectly manicured.

Strolling through New Orleans Square feels like being in the heart of The Big Easy (minus the booze).

Disney even makes waiting in line interesting (well, sort of). The Star Tours ride, for example, has lots of fun interactive things to see prior to reaching the boarding platform.

Creating a Million Dollar Look

Walt Disney masterfully created a unique, memorable experience for Disneyland visitors. I have a similar vision for every house we fix and flip. I want the visitor (buyer) to remember our home (and be willing to write a full price offer after the first showing).

This means giving every property we rehab a million dollar look. The problem with this strategy is maintaining the budget. Fortunately, through a lot of trial and error we’ve found 5 inexpensive items that make our houses feel really special.

  1. Cabinet hardware

  2. Framed Bathroom Mirrors

  3. Commercial-style kitchen faucets

  4. Custom-Made House Numbers

  5. Faux Wood Garage Doors

Cabinet Hardware

Chances are you had to replace the kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities at your property. Add in new counter tops and you likely paid at least $5,000. So why not spend a few more bucks and make your house really pop with cabinet hardware?

We bought a 10-pack of these chrome euro style bars you see in the picture above for just $32.95 on Amazon. This price included free same-day shipping.

Framed Bathroom Mirrors

I live in a tract home and my house is filled with builder-grade finishes, including the bathroom mirrors. They’re frameless and forgettable. To give your fix and flip a high-end look, consider buying framed bathroom mirrors (especially for the master bathroom).

I picked up the mirrors you see here in the photo from They only cost $80 each and really made this master bathroom shine. Free shipping on these too!

Commercial-Style Kitchen Faucets

It seems like everyone wants the “industrial” look right now. Metal is in. And for just $179 on Amazon you can purchase the Kraus kitchen faucet (pictured above) we installed at our latest finished fix and flip in Central Phoenix.

Custom-Made House Numbers

Most house numbers are boring. Of course, if your property is located in an HOA you’re probably limited to what you can do about the look. But, if you have the freedom to choose then consider getting a custom-made house number. It adds a ton of character and curb appeal to your home.

We had this house number made by Randi Marsh through for only $87 with shipping. Here’s a link to her page.

Faux Wood Garage Doors

Like house numbers, plain garage doors are dull and uninspiring. If possible, upgrade to a faux wood style. For our central Phoenix fix and flip we chose this walnut-colored door from the Clopay Gallery Collection.

It was ordered and installed by Sonoran Garage Doors of Phoenix.

It cost $1,200. For comparison, a standard door runs about $800. So for just an extra $400 we really made the exterior of this home unique and memorable.

Other Finishing Touches

Of course, there are lots of other inexpensive finishing touches you can add to your project, like a simple subway tile backsplash in the kitchen and upgraded door hardware.

Just remember, don’t overdo it. Check out the highest-priced sold listings in your area and use similar styles and finishes.

And if you want to learn more about how we transformed our central Phoenix fix and flip and gave it a million-dollar look, check out this before and after video…

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