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How to Fix and Flip a House (Your Blueprint)

We have a saying...

Fixing and flipping a house is simple, but it’s not easy.

That’s because fixing and flipping a house is a process. And like any process, once you learn it, it’s simple to repeat.

And the reason it’s not easy?

Well, that’s because few people in this world know how the process works (and the ones that do aren’t about to share this valuable information).

Fortunately for me, back in 2009 I had a successful investor teach me how to fix and flip a house, step-by-step.

His name was Keith, and on the first day I met him, he gave me the blueprint.

This blueprint was so simple, and so easy to understand, that within 90-days of seeing it Manny and I had fixed and flipped our first house and net $16,000 in profit.

Keep in mind…

Neither of us had any previous home remodeling experience.

Worse, we were both broke.

You see Manny and I both lost our ASS-ets in the 2008 real estate market crash. We didn’t have any money in the bank, and our credit scores were pathetic.

But, none of that mattered.

Because Keith taught me the process, it was simple to fix and flip our first house even though we didn’t have any construction experience or money.

Click here to watch me explain how the blueprint works!

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